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The company specialized in electrical engineering SEMAP offers its customers a complete commissioning of substations as well as high and low voltage transformers (HTA / HTB). Its qualified specialists provide the necessary test tests to then proceed to the required transformer commissioning.

Electrical tests:

  • Check the polarities.
  • Current and voltage transformer test (with primary and secondary injection).
  • Auxiliary service check (400/230 V AC).
  • Verification of local cells, protection and MV cells.
  • Test protections and feedback to CCN.
  • Lock test.

Selectivity study and parameterization of relays.

Diagnosis and repair of defects (events, petrograph ...).

Functional test, secondary and primary injection for all types of relays (SIEMENS, GE, ABB, SCHNEIDER, EFACEC ...)

Theoretical and practical training

The electricity company, assembly, automation, protection and commissioning of HTA / HTB transformer stations, SEMAP, ensures for its customers the supply of industrial products, especially any type of electrical product.

Primary tables AIS / GIS

  • AIS draw-out boards up to 24 kV
  • 36 kV AIS drawout boards
  • GIS tables up to 24 kV
  • GIS tables up to 36 kV

AIS / GIS secondary tables

  • Secondary panels AIS up to 36 kV: Prefabricated cubicles with isolating switch, switch and circuit breaker in SF6 gas and isolated in the air
  • GIS subpanels up to 36 kV: Prefabricated cubicles with isolating switch, vacuum interrupter and circuit breaker with low SF6 gas isolation and very aggressive environments
  • HV circuit breakers
  • HV disconnectors
  • HV switch-disconnectors
  • Outdoor / indoor measuring transformer TC / TP
  • Power transformer
  • Digital protection relay
  • HT cables
  • MT cables
  • Bars and fittings.
  • Accessories HT / MV substation
  • Grounding accessories
  • Safety accessories and signaling HV / MV substation

MT substation prefabricated

  • Prefabricated custom made concrete or metal workstations equipped with MV cubicles, MV / LV transformers, bar sleeves, MV / LV cables and all accessories.

AC / DC cabinets, inverters and others

  • AC / DC cabinets
  • Auxiliary cabinets
  • Inverters and industrial chargers
  • Generator

Within SEMAP, we provide different types of assembly to produce a complete service of the assembly of the electrical installations to the assembly of the HTB / HTA transformer stations:

  • Installation of HTB GIS / AIS transformer stations 90kv, 150kv, 225kv and 400kv.
  • Installation of HTA 33KV transformer stations.
  • Mounting HTB / HTA transformers.
  • Assembly and connection of cells and cabinets.