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SEMAP, which assures the assembly, automation, protection and commissioning of HV / MV transformer stations, offers a maintenance and supervision service to its customers.

Indeed, the company has a highly qualified and trained team to ensure the maintenance and supervision of electrical installations, and this, as a part of an optional partnership with customers wishing to take advantage of this service, including three types of maintenance: power plants maintenance, transformer stations maintenance and industrial maintenance.

Our different services:

  • Auxiliary contact test
  • Test of TP / TC measuring devices
  • Make sure that the different coils (emission or lack) are functioning properly
  • Ensure that the protection relay is working properly by injecting currents and voltages
  • Measurement of contact resistance
  • Measurement of circuit breakers response time
  • Safety check (mechanical or electrical interlock for recording help)
  • Replacement and extension of compact MV switchboards
  • Sampling and analysis of oils in partnership with a French accredited laboratory